Super Lite backplate on all spinners.

New 3 inch backplate

Spinner fits in a groove and kept in
place with 4-40 screws

5 Inch Bullet shape with C.F. prop
(Charles Thomas)



- All spinners come with CNC machined lightened backplate.

- Backplate and spinner are already drilled for the holding screws.

- All backplates are flat for better prop tracking,  except the 3 inches who have some knurls.

- Instructions on how to cut the spinner are included for each order.

- For special request like drilling, knurling or cutting the spinner, please contact by e-mail below.





Regular | Extra | Ultimate | P-51 Cone Only | Backplates | Cutting


Regular Spinner Cone Only

Regular cone



Extra Spinner Cone Only

Extra cone



P 51 Spinner Cone Only

P-51 cone


Ultimate Spinner Cone Only

Ultimate spinner cone